2021 was a great year for Plus Music PR. It was a year spent adding to our talented team, building on our client base and growing our connections within the world of press. This blog post is a look-back to some of our favorite campaigns of 2021:

Liza [pronounced “lee-za”] exudes confidence in its purest and most unfiltered form. The Toronto-based Ethiopian-Canadian singer and songwriter brings dynamic range to Neo-soul, alternating between moments of hushed intimacy, delicate introspection, and climactic catharsis. Hailed by Atwood Magazine “as a voice for the R&B sound today,” she has quietly attracted praise from Billboard, Refinery29, The FADER, and FLOOD Magazine in addition to amassing millions of streams independently.

LIZA’s glowing video for ‘Done Is Done’ caught some major attention in multiple territories, with support from Complex, Earmilk in the US, and Wonderland here in the UK. This trio of coverage were at the forefront of the clients target list, but we also saw support from other publications such as Music Crowns, Fame and RatedRnB.

We had the privilege of launching Inés Rae to the world, working to build a press profile around a new artist. Working on a multitude of singles including ‘New Girl’, ‘Never Get It Right’ and ‘Don’t Say It’. Coverage for Inés included the likes of:

The Sukis are an alt-garage band based in Hertfordshire. Band members Joe, Ollie and Tige draw from a wide range of influences, creating an infectious and energetic style of music. Blending experimental sounds with lyrical themes of British life, The Sukis are unafraid to break genre boundaries whilst keeping their sound catchy, commercial and all round feel good. From selling out shows to amassing millions of streams on their records, this is a band that possesses all the elements to make it to the top. 

After transitioning from another agency after disappointing results, we worked closely with the band, their label (LAB Records) and their manager Paul Fletcher (Parlophone). We immediately saw a terrific reception from pitching, and were pleased to nail down some really credible medium sized blogs like Analogue Trash, Right Chord Music, and Music Crowns, as well as key support from The Line Of Best Fit, DORK and Rolling Stone.

You can check out more of our amazing press looks via our 2021 press lookbook, as well as by heading to our infopack or our homepage.