How to make your music marketable

Here at Plus Music PR we are passionate about getting our artists featured in as many publications, blogs and playlists as possible. However, whilst we can write you a top of the range press release and pitch your tracks to excellent journalists and bloggers, there are a few simple things that you can do to ensure your campaign is the most successful it can be.


Identify your unique selling point (or in marketing speak, your USP)

Your unique selling point is the special sauce helps you to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s your indefinable vocal timbre, a cause you want to spread the message for or your past life as a shoe shiner- highlighting what makes you special and emphasising it is an essential part of any successful PR campaign.


Interact with publications and playlists when they feature you

We all know that our online presence is an increasingly important part of promotion. By re-posting, sharing and interacting with the publications and playlists who feature you, you will immediately strengthen these relationships and attract likeminded fans through these channels. You will also likely attract support from journalists who are happy to help you out in the future. A thank you can go a long way!


Don’t be scared to get creative on social media

It’s all well and good uploading a load of photos to Instagram every now and again or retweeting a few journalists on Twitter however, posting more innovative, relevant content consistently can radically improve your chances of success. 


What do I mean by ‘innovative content’? Here are some examples:


Live Q&A’s with fans

A great opportunity to interact with your audience on a more intimate level and answer some of their burning questions in person. 


Exclusive sneak previews of new material 

Help to get audiences buzzing pre-release by putting your upcoming material on their radar. Snaps of you from the studio can have a similar effect, alerting people to the fact that you are being busy and have projects on the horizon. 


Livestream gigs/covers

A brilliant opportunity to showcase your talents in a more casual forum and an especially useful tool during this period of uncertainty amongst the live music community.


Reposting fan-covers of your tracks

A great way to both interacts with fans and promoting your music all at once!


Using IG Reels and TikTok to make videos

Sometimes being trendy really can pay off and at the moment there is simply nothing trendier than a good TikTok trend. Get inventive and maybe even have a dance!


Be proud of the music you are publicising and yourself! Excitement is infectious and if you can convey just how much you love what you do to us and your audiences, you are onto a winner! Not only will it help us to write the most glowing press release possible for you but it will radiate through all the content you post. 

[written by Hermione Kellow]

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